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The County of Belmont assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions, or discrepancies.


The base mapping contained herein was photogrametrically compiled to National Map Accuracy Standards by Kucera International Inc., Willoughby, Ohio, from aerial photography dated April 2001, March 2006 and April 2011 based on ground control in the Ohio State Plane Coordinate System, South Zone, NAD83(95), US survey foot. The parcel lines on this map, if any, were digitized from paper tax maps and adhere to no accuracy standard. All data on this map were created for the use of Belmont County for county government purposes. The suitability of this map for any other use is not guaranteed and the user assumes all risk for such uses. Belmont County, Ohio, assumes no legal responsibility for the information on this map. Users noting errors or omissions are encouraged to contact the Belmont County Geographic Information System Office.

If you agree to these conditions and want to access the aerial mapping, click the link below.  Otherwise, click your back button to return to the previous page.

Belmont County, Ohio Aerial Mapping (Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2015) New July 2014; updated June 2016

Mobile users (iPAD, Surface, tablets, smart phones, etc.) should try this url: (untested at the moment - 11-24-2014).

Instructions for Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2015

Browsers are no longer limited to Internet Explorer as with the previous MapGuide 6.5.  Installation of an ActiveX control on the user's computer is no longer required.  A more modern appearance is featured. We think you will enjoy the new experience!

Scanned section and municipal tax maps, lots tax maps, recorded plats and survey plats are now available from this site under the Scanned Maps heading.  Turn on the desired category under the Scanned Maps heading.  Use the Select tool from the tool bar and click on the desired map to bring up the pdf in a separate window.

Expand the Parcel Related heading to view land hooks, monuments and subdivisions (data being built).

Tool tips are in play for parcels that are mapped (areas surrounding Bridgeport are being integrated, Martins Ferry is under contract, and St. Clairsville is incomplete at this time), and display the LNAME, FNAME, VOL, PG, AC and PIN.  Clicking on a parcel brings up a report with a hyperlink to more information for that parcel.

Searches can be made for addresses by house number or road name, and for parcels by LNAME or PIN.  Use the Searches button on the tool bar.  Resulting matches are listed; click on the one you want to zoom to the feature.  Address matches are limited to 100.

County roads are categorized by jurisdiction: State, County, Township, Municipal, Private and Other.  Select None under Google layers to avoid confusion with Google data (on by default), which many times is incomplete or incorrect.  Use the county Roads layer for better information.  Do not rely on Google data too much!  The county roads layer is off by default.

Google layers include terrain and imagery (believed to be dated October 2013).

A comparison of county imagery can be made from 2001, 2006, 2007 (OSIP), 2011 and 2014 (OSIP) with the new Swipe tool.  For example, zoom in to the WalMart and see the difference between then and now in building size.

If you get stuck, you may have to click the Refresh button.  If that doesn't work, exit the site entirely and come back to it fresh.

As you zoom in on the map, more features appear.

Here is a list of layers available at the countywide level:

bulletScanned Survey Plats and Tax Maps
bulletSections (PLSS Section Lines)
bulletHouse Numbering Grid
bulletStrip Mined Soils
bulletFlood Zones (Digital Flood Information Rate Map or DFIRM)
bulletRoad Centerlines
bulletStormwater Phase II Area (Participating NPDES Permit Area)
bulletVoting Precincts
bulletSchool Districts
bulletGeographic Townships (Original Surveys 6 mi x 6 mi)
bulletTownships (Political)

Here is a list of additional layers available at a zoom factor of 1:15,000 or closer:

bulletAddressing (yellow building outlines with address popup)
bulletContours (10 foot, 50 foot, and spot elevations)
bulletMonuments (derived from tax maps and updated by recent surveys)
bulletDeed distances (derived from tax maps and updated by recent surveys)
bulletLand hooks (derived from tax maps and updated by recent surveys)
bulletAerial Photos - 2015 (NAIP), 2014 (OSIP), 2011 (Kucera), 2007 (OSIP), 2006 (Kucera) and 2001 (Kucera)


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